Tuesday, June 28, 2005

parting is such sweet sorrow

well, here i am having returned home, yet leaving pieces of me on another continent for the second time. shakespeare said it best i think whe he said, "parting is such sweet sorrow." that's how i feel about now. the sweetness of the relationships built that still lingers, the joy of reuniting with my friends and family, mingled with the sorrow of saying goodbye...again. i cannot begin to sum up the wholeness of what God did and is doing this time around, so i will leave you with one-word impressions of my last three weeks:

bananas. dust. hugs. tears. rebirth. Spirit. teaching. truth. laughter. insecurity. observation. letters. salvation. sowing. prayer. openess. vulnerability. reunions. guitars. music. culture. dirt. creation. volleyball. miracles. Beautiful. hope. stars. friendship. elephants. pictures. victory camp. polaroids. glitter. rosa. ambrosius. tuleni. experience. sam. jennifer. goodbyes. cold. table mountain. driving. quiet. tea. journaling. airports. wet. clutter. pubs. green. U2. luggage.

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