Friday, March 30, 2007

More quotes from good books

"We have it so easy that we can begin to be lulled to sleep, thinking that life should be easy or that it will always be easy. Once it gets a little difficult, we tend to become consumed with trying to make our lives comfortable again. But by doing so we miss a great spiritual opportunity. Ask yourself this question: Would I rather live a life of ease and comfort and remain immature in Christ, or am I willing to be seasoned with suffering if by doing so I am conformed to the image of Christ?"

- Gary Thomas "Sacred Marriage"

The Economics of Rebirth

"Poverty was created not by God but by you and me, because we have not learned to love our neighbor as ourselves. Gandhi put it well when he said, 'There is enough for everyone's need, but there is not enough for everyone's greed'...Even though there is enough for everyone, greed and injustice will always create poor people in the land, so God teaches us personal responsibility to our poor neighbors. God also establishes rhythms of rest for the land and structures of providence such as gleaning, where the poor are able to gather food from the fields. And God sets in place a plan for jubilee, regular intervals when inequality is dismantled."

"True generosity is measured not by how much we give away but by how much we have left, especially when we look at the needs of our neighbors."

"The early Christians used to write that when they did not have enough food for the hungry people at their door, the entire community would fast until everyone could share a meal together. What an incredible economy of love. the early Christian said that if a child starves while a Christian has extra food, then the Christian is guilty of murder. One of the fathers of the Church, Basil the Great, writing in the fourth Century, put t this way: 'When someone strips a man of his clothes we call him a thief. And one who might clothe the naked and does not - should he not be given the same name?'"

Exodus 16:16
Deuteronomy 15
Leviticus 25:8-55

good reading from Irresistible Revolution by Shane Clairborne.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Two Months and Counting...

Countdown to Buddy and Julia's wedding...that's right June 2nd is right around the corner, and yet probably seems like an eternity to them at the same time, if they are anything like another engaged couple I know. here is a rare picture of Buddy and Julia...I got her not to hide from the camera for once! She's camera shy and yet I have no idea why, I mean look at her...she's gorgeous! Anyway, here's the happy couple:

2 months and counting

Matthew 28:19-20

Today was a blast. Maveja and Nelda were baptised at Von Bach Dam. With boats buzzing and people swimming in the background, 16 adults and 5 children sat along the shore, the sun beating down on us as we sang worship to God, listened to His Word - the Gospel - prayed together and celebrated with our two dear sisters as they took the big plunge. It was glorious.

What a beautiful thing to witness two lives proclaiming outwardly what God has already done inwardly, conquering fears, and bodly proclaiming to family, friends, and all that through Jesus they have died to their old lives and rejoice in their new life in Christ.

After the baptism we all came back to my place to celebrate together and share a very boere meal (as Sam says). We braaied boerewors, and ate broetchens and about 10 kilos of potato salad (thanks to Buddy and Julia).

It was seriously a great day.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mini Picture Update

Bird friend I like to call Zazu:


Shower gecko...didnt get a name because he pulled a disappearing actand I havent seen him since


The longest my hair has been in 2 years

self portrait

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Long time...No post

I know, I know....

lots going on, yet no motivation to write about it. but i'll give it my best bullet-pointed effort.

* Back on African soil, er...dirt anyway
* Still not a lot of raining action going on
* Working on Inviations, and WEDDING STUFF!
* Maveja is getting baptized at the end of the month
* Reading "The Irresistible Revolution"
* Creepy text messages = going to the police station
* Todd and Erin's first baby! Gloria Grace Hammerstrom
* New students for the OSS Bible study
* Visits from know the bird in The Lion King
* Had a shower gecko for a day, but I think he let himself out
* Drinking lots of Casablanca coffee, as Maveja's family calls it
* Missing MY FIANCE'!! Praising the Lord for Gtalk.
* Enjoying the Church and seeing them using their gifts
* Vollunteers meeting for Coffeebar was well-attended
* Pray for Marco and wife Sarafina - Woodcarvers - Marco had a stroke
* Sylvia and family found a house and are all moved in
* Riding my bike. A lot.
* Letting my hair grow long again
* Looking forward to my best Mitchums being in country
* Can't believe I only have 4 months left in this beautiful place...