Monday, May 26, 2008


the white nights are coming. in June there are several nights in St. Petersburg where the sun doesn't set called "the white nights". Sam told me that leading up till those nights there is a progression from a certain point in May where the sun sets 3 minutes later each night. I work in the evening 7-10pm and usually arrive home around 11pm. after class I used to walk to the metro in the dark, and now it's like daytime! here are some pictures to show you my perspective on the progression in the last few weeks.

Moreover, when i wake up in the morning at 6am to go to work its also bright like midday. such stark contrast to the winter with its 18 hours of darkness and only 6 hours of light!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And now for the long overdue post...

featuring: our apartment is having issues and i'm not able to put them in a nice slideshow like i nomrally do here. Instead, you can click HERE then click "slideshow" which is near the top right side of the page. Or you can see the mini-slideshow to the right of this post.

There are pics from moving day as well as what it looks like now that we're all moved in and settled.

Here's a preview pic of the living room/bedroom:

Moving Day:
Living room/Bedroom

Living room/Bedroom

Our landlords are somewhat obsessed with IKEA, so pretty much everything they got for the apartment was purchased there...down to the lightbulbs. so forgive us if it looks a little like a catalogue. And some things aren't finished yet, like some baseboards and doorframes and painting of walls in the kitchen and toilet closet, but all the important stuff is done.