Monday, July 11, 2005

the sky was ablaze

i saw a brilliant display of God's artistry this morning. the sunrise. the clouds were blazing pink, red, and orange, and set against the brightest blue sky that, in contrast, made them appear to be on fire. it was so exactly what i was hoping for from God today. isn't He just so good like that? i wonder if long ago in the mind of God, He omnipotently knew that on the night before july 11th i would be aching for a display of His artistic spleandor, so perhaps He planned it all out, weather patterns and sunrise time, and even put the thought into a coworker's mind to walk down the hall at precisely the moment when the sunrise was at its most glorious, and announce to all of us, "you have to come see this!" and i wondered as i sat watching the light grow and the sky change colors, could God have done this whole thing with the delight of a perfect father in His heart, knowing that His child would be so happy and thankful and want to worship Him even more?
i feel so loved right now.


AmyLea said...

WOw, that's amazing sunrise followed by an amazing SUNSET. I called and left Kristi a message last night to travel to the attic was GORGEOUS! Unfortunately, I was not able to get to a good location to get a picture... :-(

Schmanda said...

actually, the sunrise followed the sunset. that's how my days work, you see. =) the sunrise i wrote about was this morning (monday) and we haven't had sunset yet today. heee.

AmyLea said...

Haha, the funny thing is that I DID call it when you posted it; I almost put on there "Amanda said to call this a while back..." That was the first time I heard about it. Love it. :-)