Thursday, September 22, 2005

Everything's Zen

Currently reading: Utopia by Thomas More

So, I’ve been horrible at posting lately, a trend a intend to remedy right now, as I actually have plenty to wax rhapsodic about, and it is now exactly 15 minutes into FALL, the best season ever! Autumn is one of those things treasured in the Creighton household. Simply hint at changing leaf colors and hot apple cider and any one of us ladies will be putty. What could possibly be better than a season filled with crisp, cool evenings - the air scented with wood smoke, a kaleidoscope countryside of treetops, bright orange pumpkins and prickly hay bales. The soft swish, swish of leaves underfoot, strolling along bundled in a cozy sweater, just the tip of the nose slightly chilly…anticipating a good old-fashioned bonfire with S’more’s and cider and the lull of guitars late into the night. Pure joy.


The newness I’m enjoying:

About three months away from Namibia.
Striving to be a godly girlfriend. Whoa! (It’s such a good “whoa”)
Downsizing and realizing that nothing I own embodies me.
Trusting God with a lot of unknowns, understanding He has to come through.
Thankful for God’s promises, having ridden out the storm at work.
Understanding, “Vengeance is MINE, says the LORD. It is mine to repay.”
Autumn. (Of course!)


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J. Terry said...

How sad. The first comment is from some drive bye pop up spammer trying to hawk some techno junk. He didn't obviously read your message or maybe he doesn't understand packing up ones worldly posessions! Sad! Sad! Sad!
Enjoy every minute of this fall. The next ones may be in the 80's!!! Apple Cider? What leaves.
Love you, daughter!

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Star*light said...

Hey Roomie!Just thought Id check in to your blog- glad to see you're doing well and enjoying the firstfruits of Autumn. Amazing miracle happened to my friend but will reveal all at my blog in next few days.. for now, I've just one request, please sip one of those delish Pumpkin Latte and think of how I will someday also enjoy one too!!
(Your ow-R(hard to spell!)Irish Pirate)

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