Monday, October 31, 2005

Autumnween 2005

Blue-Haired Girl & Pumpkin Spice Latte

Bottoms up!


KT said...

What was in the cup? A 2/3 decaf quad 5 pump vanilla 2 pump carmel soy latte? Or was it black coffee ; ) You soooooooooo deserve a free drink for that one!

Last year one of my co-workers dressed up as the cup two would have been a perfect match.

Star*light said...
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Star*light said...

What are the possibilities that I would leave a comment on your autumn Zen post about "having a Pumpkin latte and thinking of me"only to pay a visit to your blog a few days later to find that... YOU'VE ACTUALLY TURNED INTO A PUMPKIN LATTE...
I see now, that I must never underestimate the power of my words and comments..
OHHH! What have I done??!!!!!!
God, please bring back my american buddy from her pumpkinish state?