Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Etc, whatever

my laptop power cord got a short and my now dead-battery laptop has rendered me computerless for more or less the last week and a half. a replacement should arrive from America with Todd's folks in about another 10 days along with other goodies from my wonderful friends and family. Whoo-hoo!

been learning more Otjiherrero, even though our class was cancelled twice last week. =( its amazing how much you're bummed when its a class that you're taking just because you want to learn, not because you HAVE to for a grad or something. I've been learning from Maveja mostly, and practicing with the neighborhood children. (Otjiherrero is a language - a cross between the Otjiwambo language and the Herrero language - in case you're wondering)

VERY FEW people in Nau-Aib have a washing machine, so I have learned to wash clothes by hand the African way - big plastic tub full of cold water in the front yard + Omo washing powder + lots of hand friction. and i'm pretty good, even if i do say so myself. I spent the morning on Sunday learning from Carina. We washed the clothes of her little sister, Deborah. Of course there was much laughing and disbelief that I actually wanted to do it - and for FREE! (here you usually pay someone to do the washing) I was telling two of the other girls from the OSS study - Elmarie and Victoria - about my new hand-washing expertise and I offered to come by their place to do the same, which they jumped on right away! So, i'll be over there this week sometime. It will be a great opportunity to spend some more one-on-one time with them, meet their family, and be a servant.

i made some salsa and it was really good. its a combination of tomato puree, the canned tomato/onion mix, plus fresh peppers, fresh tomatoes, and some garlic and spices and sugar. not bad. and i have this great recipe for flour tortillas, which although its time-consuming, it makes a lot of them. so, i can quench my longing for mexican food. tortilla chips are the missing piece of the puzzle. maybe if i can find a good corn tortilla recipe and i use someone's oven...

its a little warmer now than it was the beginning of last week. for several days it was seriously freezing. literally. it got down to -4C. (which is just below freezing, for all of you Farenheit people.) and below freezing when you don't have heat in your house is COLD! I was wearing a hat and gloves in the house, and Jennie and I both were wrapped up in blankets just to sit and chat together in our living room.

Jennie has been accepted to the Au Pair American program. she will begin hearing from prospective families, and once she chooses one, she'll be heading to America!

the World Cup starts next month, which is a HUGE deal here. Maveja said that last year she actually got up at 3:00 in the morning because thats when one of the games was on. so, people are getting excited for that to start soon.

also, June 4th is the Global Day of Prayer.

looking forward to:

coffeebar and the Biblical teaching gathering starting this friday and saturday
watching the girls first netball game of the season
june 16th...2:20pm...Sammy's flight arives in Whk.
my care packages from home - 1 coming via todd's parents and 1 coming in the post - someday. we hope. =)

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neil said...

i can't wait for the world cup, either! ah - june promises to be a great month. sounds like you're fitting right in and God is really doing some cool stuff...