Thursday, August 17, 2006

Me bokkie

thank you for praying for Maveja! since my last post, she is now sure of her salvation and is confident that Jesus has chosen her to be a Christian. Maveja is growing daily in the Lord. It is such a joy to see her desire to know God and her hunger to learn everything there is to know about being a Christian, and living this new life that she has been given. Once a week on Thursday mornings we study the Bible together – we are currently going through Firm Foundations and are in Genesis. I love arriving in the morning to find her sitting outside reading her Bible. Last Sunday a few of us went to Grossbarmen (the hot springs) for the day. Maveja brought along her Bible. She read in the car, she read by the pool…she is so hungry to read His Word! One of the most awesome things was hearing her ask this last week during our Firm Foundations study: “I was wondering, if maybe you want to and have time…its just that this is getting so interesting, and its so long from one time to the next week, and I thought maybe we could meet more often?” YES! I’ll tell you what, my heart was so happy when I heard that. So now we still meet on Thursdays and we have decided that at any other time during the week, one of us will just sms the other and if she isn’t busy at that time, then we will meet and keep going on with the lessons. This week we met additionally on Wednesday afternoon. We not only went through two lessons that day, but also had a great talk about the term “born again”, and what it means. After I explained, Maveja asked, “So being a Christian and being born again are the same thing, right?” It should be! Then we talked about how here, often times people will identify themselves as Christians, but do not identify themselves as being born again. They take the name of “Christian” but are not living a new life. I love watching Maveja learning all about this new life she has!

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Kristi said...

How energizing and contagious is that joy?!?!??!!!?!? Yay!