Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mini Update

Pray for Maveja because these last few weeks we have not been able to meet to do our Firm Foundations study together. It seems ever since we decided to increase our meeting times to do it more often, we actually are not being able to met even once a week. It usually ends up being because of some family things or because she has to go to Windhoek with her dad or because she gets chores she has to do that day. I don’t know, but it seems like its opposition…something is always getting in the way…whether it’s the enemy or family that doesn’t like her Christianity…I can’t say. But pray that we are able to make time, even if that means spontaneously meeting, so our plans can’t be thwarted. =)

The OSS Bible study will probably be on hold soon. The grade 10’s, will be finished with exams this week, and then their Holiday starts. (they have a 2 month holiday). Everyone else goes to school until their exams finish at the end of November. Grade 10 is the pass/fail year. If you pass, you can keep going to school. If you fail the exams, you have to drop out of school. Most of the learners in our OSS study are grade 10 this year.

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