Monday, November 20, 2006


the latter half of this week was just that - special. starting with Thursday, when all of us who meet at the woodcarver's each week, met in the evening for special time together. 13 of us gathered (7 adults and 6 children) to worship the Lord together and remember Jesus. We met at the Christ's Hope International center in town at 7pm. we began by reading John 13 which describes Jesus taking on the role of a servant, and washing his disciple's feet. We learned from His example about the significance of servanthood and humility. Then we washed one another's feet. The oldest and the youngest all washed another's feet and were washed - an act of humilty and remembering that Jesus humbled himself to serve.

Innocenthia and Sylvia Maveja

Carina and her brother John Buddy and Manuel


Then we gathered around the table to fellowship and feast. we broke bread together and shared the Lord's supper. for many this was the first time they had ever shared the Lord's supper or even broken bread with other believers this way. It was a very sweet time.

Gathered around the Table

Breaking Bread

After dinner we watched "The Passion of the Christ". Again, a first for several people there. Maveja was one of the those. It was beautiful to experience this with her. I was overwhelmed with such a sense of thankfulness, not only for what Christ did in redeeming me, but what he has done in redeeming my sister, Maveja. I asked her several days later what she experienced that night and it was evident that the whole night really impacted her. She related that she just felt something unexplainable that night, just being together - all of us - and rembering Jesus like that. He response to the film was summed up mainly by this sentiment,

"I kept thinking, why did I live so long just going on sinning like I did, when Jesus did that for me?"

I seriously love this girl. Her life in Christ means so much to me. I am so thankful to God for allowing me to see the change He has worked and continues to work in her.

On friday Maveja and Buddy came over to my house for dinner. We had spaghetti and salad. Buddy brought this bread called "Lambort" bread because it reminded him of Lambys bread in Lord of the Rings. Then we watched a movie - an absolutely awful movie - NOT my pick. i sent the other two to Funky Video (yes, that is the actual name of the video rental store) So we watched "Ultrviolet" starring Mila Jovovich. nearly two hours of my life I will never get back. Maveja spent the night at my place because we were all getting up early the next morning...

for our Saturday ride to Grossbarmen. Yes, we rode our bikes the 25k to GB, spent the day at the pool, then rode home 25k. A total of 50 k. (31 miles, for you Americans out there) It took about 2 hours each way. We hoped to leave right at 7am to avoid the heat, but Buddy had some bike issues, so we eneded up leaving at 7:40. Still ok though, because it ended up being fairly cool most of the way. Then we spent the day by the pool, had a swim, played Uno, ate ice cream, talked about Jesus, and then decided to head home around 3:00. It was good timing too, as there were storms on the horizon - following us the whole way. Which, I might add, ended up being a huge belssing, because it was overcast mostly which cooled the ride home a lot.

beating the storm

cloudy coolness

Back at my place we ate the remaining spaghetti leftovers and lounged around my livingroom for a bit while Buddy lamented "losing his omatako somewhere on the road". Then it was time for everyone to part ways and take a much needed SHOWER.

On Sunday we met at Buddy's and broke open the Word, worshiped God with our voices and prayer, and anjoyed each others company. Christaan, Buddy, Rena, Julia, Miriam, Bieata and myself were all there reading and discussing the second half of James chapter 2. Maveja couldn't make it and neither could Nelda and both were very missed.

Yes, indeed, this was a speacial week.


Joel said...

Yes, it sounds like a special week indeed.

Thanks for posting. It is so great to see all this happening.

Truly special and encouraging.

Jeremy and Jo said...

Hey Amanda,
You have been officially adopted by our house church as our house church missionary (I attend the same house church as Josh & Amber.)
Anyways, just wanted to let you know that is great hearing and learning about your ministry in Namibia, and I am praying for you.