Friday, October 26, 2007

Things I have learned since moving to Russia:

* If you don’t walk FAST, you’ll get run over.

* NEVER cross the street unless the cross walk light is signaling “GO”, because again, you get run over.

* If you can’t understand Russian, people yell as if that will make you understand.

* Getting on the Metro at rush hour requires you to give up all personal space. You will have strangers pressing in on you from all sides and if you don’t push your way in (or out), you won’t get in (or out).

* Russians love to give flowers. No matter when it is, or where you are, you will inevitably see several people carrying large bouquets of flowers.

*If you are white, 95% of all people on the street and Metro will ignore you and act as if they don’t see you. If you are with someone who is black, 95% of all the people will stare at you.

* Sushi is easy to find. Mexican food is not.

* Count yourself lucky if you see the sun once per week for a few seconds.

* There is a coffeehouse on every block, and in most cases, more than one.

* At 9:00am it is DARK. And it about to get darker…(we turn the clocks back next week!)

* Plastic bags from the grocery stores are not free, so take you own bags to pack your groceries in.

* It's amazing how much you can understand by intuition and context.

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