Thursday, April 10, 2008

we found an apartment

yes, that's right. we've found our own place. we'll be moving out of the hostel next month and into our own apartment. its a studio-style apartment, with it's own kitchen and bathroom. it's 2 metro stations away from here - Pionerskaya Metro Station. we've singed the pre-liminary lease agreement and paid a partial down-payment to hold the apartment for us. we'll sign the final lease agreement at the end of this month and move in the on the 1st of May. Please pray for us, because this is a big change financially, from living at the hostel. but it will be good for us, since now we won't have to live on edge, according to the moods wings of the hostel commandant. and i won't have to cosnstantly convince that one lady who works at the desk downstairs that, "YES! I DO LIVE HERE! YOU'VE SEEN ME A MILLION TIMES...AND STOP YELLING AT ME IN RUSSIAN, BECAUSE I DONT UNDERSTAND YOU. SAYING IT LOUDER DOESNT HELP!" so, yeah keep us in your prayers. thanks!


J. Terry said...

Thanks, I laughed out loud. Saying it louder doesn't make you understand. blessings! Dad

mcr said...

Congratulations on the apartment! That's great news.

A funny mom was asking what you were up to the other day, and I sent her the link to your blog. Before she opened it, she thought, "Unworthy friend? Why would Mandy call herself that?" She read "unworthy AMI": once a French teacher always a French teacher!

Which is making me think of our rap and laugh: "sans salle de bain avec a WC" :)

Blessings, my friend!

Knightly News Update said...

We'll be praying for personal supporters who will be willing to give toward your life in Russia. This is truly an amazing journey that GOD is leading you both on, and prayful and financial support is much needed when living in another country!