Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And now for the long overdue post...

featuring: our apartment

Slide.com is having issues and i'm not able to put them in a nice slideshow like i nomrally do here. Instead, you can click HERE then click "slideshow" which is near the top right side of the page. Or you can see the mini-slideshow to the right of this post.

There are pics from moving day as well as what it looks like now that we're all moved in and settled.

Here's a preview pic of the living room/bedroom:

Moving Day:
Living room/Bedroom

Living room/Bedroom

Our landlords are somewhat obsessed with IKEA, so pretty much everything they got for the apartment was purchased there...down to the lightbulbs. so forgive us if it looks a little like a catalogue. And some things aren't finished yet, like some baseboards and doorframes and painting of walls in the kitchen and toilet closet, but all the important stuff is done.



Knightly News Update said...

I am impressed and HAPPY for the two of you... what a HUGE blessing! It looks gorgeous... isn't God good how He provides for us! Sometimes we just have to wait a while. This is what I am thinking with us going back to Canada... we have NO clue how it will turn out, where we will live, what we will do, but we know that GOD is in CONTROL and He will lead and guide us and HE wants the best for HIS children! I am REALLY happy for you guys!

emma Williams said...

i did enjoy!! thank you for sharing! it looks nice. i hope it work out good for you guys. i miss you. the picture of you two is really cute.