Sunday, June 15, 2008

understated as usual

well, thank you for your prayers for Sam's pharma exam. it is finally over. He still has 3 more exams to go though, so we're still not out of the woods yet, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel that's growing ever brighter! So when i cam home the day of Sam's pharma exam I found he was already at home and i asked my usual question, " was it??" and i expected his usual response. "it went alright." i've become accustomed to this answer from Sam on just about any topic. and i've learned to translate this to mean, "good". well this day he surprised me and responded, "pretty good."

Unskilled in translation of this new response, I probed and asked, "so, tell me about it..." and he said he had gotten good questions and was able to answer well. which is exactly what i had been praying that morning as i walked to the metro! i prayed that God would give him good questions that he could answer solidly. God is so good!

Today as we walked home from church I finally ventured another question.

Me: "So what exactly did you get on your pharma exam anyway?"
Sam: "I got a 5"

In Russia they grade from 1-5 (3 being passing and 5 being the best grade you can achieve.) He got a 5!!

Yes. Sam did "pretty good". (Another term I'll have to store in my translation memory bank for interpreting his vastly understated vocabulary.)

So, allow me a moment to brag about my husband's intelligence, diligence, and all-around perseverance that has gotten him this far. (i know he'll hate it) and allow me also to brag on the God who brought him here and will continue to carry him though. They are both "pretty good."

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