Wednesday, July 16, 2008

a typical day

i thought i'd take you along with me on my trip to work.


24 hour Flower kiosk
24 hour flowers
If i had a nickle for every time I needed to buy roses at 3am...I'd have, um...
no nickles. But apparently this is a needed service here, because this kiosk is one of many.

Looking back
Blue and White Metropolis
we live in one of those huge blue and white buildings in the back.

path towards the metro
so many people cut through here that no clover grows in those worn areas.

Teremok - Russian blini kiosk

almost at the metro

Atmosphera Mall
mall/shopping complex with 7 floors. it stands across from the metro station which is nearest our flat.

Komendantsky Prospekt Metro Station
if you look closely you can see the blue "M" which marks the entrance to the metro.

Metro Komendantsky Prospekt

rush hour in the metro

poster wall
poster wall
i don't know what its advertising, but...

i found it humorous. in case you can't read it, their signs say, "give us money. we are pretty."

Cofe Xayz
Cofe Xayz
the coffeeshop i frequent because its close to work and it tends to be less crowded and smokey than most.

My class
My class
Intensive English class - Intermediate level

thanks for joining me!

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vinske said...

Hi Amanda!
Thanks for the trip! I liked it very much! It helps me to understand how life is in Russia!
Say hi to Sam!