Saturday, September 13, 2008

Coming to America

yes, sports fans, its true. Next month I'll be in the States. my current Russian visa will expire towards the end of October and I need to apply for a work visa - which I am very grateful to be able to get for working with ALM. You can't apply for a work visa from inside the country, and its suggested that the best place (and sometimes the ONLY place) you're allowed to apply is in your country of origin. (I'm told I could apply from Ukraine, but to save me the hassle of the language barrier and figuring out the eccentricities of yet another Eastern European country, I think it'll be a perfect opportunity to visit my family and also see certain friends who've relocated West.) so...from Oct 15 - Nov 5 I'll be in the good ole' US of A in the lovely states of Pennsylvania and Colorado. Mmm....Fall on the East Coast and in the mountains of the West. not too bad, I think.

Some people have inquired in the recent past about sending packages to us in Russia, and yes, it does work. (and they are extremely well appreciated by us, believe me! I tend to get all giddy and I'm sure Sam shakes his head at my silly excitement. He gets excited too, but as previously mentioned his excitement appears outwardly something to the tune of, "yeah. that's cool.") and so far (as far as i know) we have received all packages that were sent (minus one anniversary card from my parents that mysteriously disappeared). I mention all this to say to those of you who have entertained the idea of sending something to us, that if you would like to forgo the cost of international mailing you are certainly welcome to send things to PA, in October. I'll be traveling very light in order to stock up on all the things we miss and carry them back with me!

I must apologize to all my wonderfully-Ohioan friends, in that my trip this time simply doesn't afford the time, or finances to also make a pit stop in the Dayton area. But you would be most welcome in Amish country if you wanted to make a road trip to Lititz for a visit! Sturgis Pretzels, Wilbur Chocolate, and horse n' buggys....what more could you want?

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