Saturday, March 28, 2009

pics i have been meaning to post for a while!

this is Max. (Maxim) he is 11 years old.


i teach him English twice a week at his home

we get a long really well. he's very silly and kind of dramatic, so we have lots of fun together. and he chews on pens incessantly. i don't really get why.


but i will say, he is a very polite kid too. he always offers me a pen to eat as well, although i always turn him down! He once told me that his parents always taught him if he was eating something he should offer to share with his guests. so without fail, i am always offered whatever random piece of plastic he is eating! (thanks, but no thanks!) but this gives you an idea of his personality.

Max and i do Madlibs together in his Tuesday lessons (although that is ALL we would do if it were up to him!) he calls them "stories". OFTEN on Thursdays Max, with great hope asks, "do you have some stories today?" and i say, "no, it's Thursday. not today." and then i get THIS face:


i also get "the face" when we are doing the Madlibs and i won't let him use the same words over and over again. his favorite adjective: "dirty" favorite proper name: "Kirusha" (his little brother's name) favorite adverb: "dirtily" favorite superlative: "dirtiest" you see a pattern? other favorites include made up words like "Maximing" which he likes to pretend is a continuous verb, and when i turn him down and tell him "no" because it's not a real word in English, he'll say, "Oh...? Don't you know? it's a new word. they added it to the dictionary after you left America..." then he will argue with me offering several definitions for what "maximing" is. like i said, silly and dramatic.

these are my favorite ads in the metro. they're for an internet company. basically the gist of this is:

"Winter...don't go outside. Go on the internet!"
my favorite ad in the metro

my favorite ad in the metro

particularly i love the icicle picture and the scary snowman. hilarious!

these ar some photos from the International Women's Day celebration the guys from fellowship threw for us. They cooked way too much food (again) and served us like gentlemen. they put together a very sweet powerpoint presentation about how God created women. they also made personalized hand-made cards and gave each of us a little cross necklace.

the ladies of fellowship: Sandrine, Amanda, Pooja and Felcy
(yep, only 4 of us this year! and like 11 guys!)
Women's Day celebration

Pooja and Felcy
Women's Day celebration

Carlson, Charlie, Sam and Shumie
The guys

Me with my card
Women's Day

Sandrine and Felcy
Women's Day

so, there are the photos i have had just waiting to post for like a month now! i'll try not to hoard them next time.

In other news, our good friend Courtney, from Ohio is going to be visiting us here in good old St Petersburg in May. we'll will have the pleasure of her company for a whole month! so she will be here long enough to get a proper introduction to Russia. We are both looking forward to having her as our first guest and showing her the city.

as for teaching,i am teaching an Upper-Intermediate I class that i really enjoy. and i've also gotten a new student who i am preparing to take the TOEFL exam. of course i continue to teach Max, Pavel, Eldar, and Eric too. in fact Eric and i have added another lesson on Sundays and we've started watching "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (Eric's favorite movie) in English!

Sam is in his surgery cycle now, which he seems to be enjoying. this week he got to watch a mastectomy. his group has worked very hard this year, so they might be finishing the year early (like the end of April) which means a LONG summer for him. we are still hoping and praying God will make a way for us to go to Namibia/Angola this summer for Sam to do his practical work and so we can visit friends and family.

the days are sunnier these days - more often than for months - and the daylight hours are increasing daily, which means everybody is getting excited about Spring. but we're all still hesitant to get really excited, knowing that it could still snow in April! (Consequently, this morning at 9am it was clear and sunny. By 11am it was overcast. By 1pm it was snowing like crazy. and now at 3pm, the snow has quit and the sun is back out. Just a typical day in St. Petersburg!

Blessings from Sam and I to all of you! Thanks for praying for us and for keeping up with us!

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