Monday, June 01, 2009

May has come and gone

Wow. last month was a blur. a good blur. a blur with friends and coffee. a blur with busy-ness and sightseeing. a blur with sunshine and new places. laughter and sharing life. filled with photos and stories. and bereft of time to post about them. and now its June.

Courtney arrived the day before International Labor Day, which was completely intentional on our part, as it mean that Eric, Sam and I would immediately have 3 whole days off work to show her around and help her adjust. Day 1 consisted of coffee, a leisurely day spent wandering the city center and a boat trip through the canals. Day 2 consisted of coffee, a guided tour through the city with an English-speaking guide, a complete overload of information, Mexican food, and lots of photos. Many of which i will leave you to enjoy here:

more to come...

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