Thursday, September 24, 2009

it's been a while...

it has. it's true of many things in my life these days. it's been awhile since i've posted. but mostly, it's been awhile since i've seen my husband. more than awhile i'd say...54 days...but who's counting? I feel like i haven't had much to write about. i've had lots of thoughts and many times i've wanted to reach for my camera...only to realize it's with Sam. as for me, i have been working quite a bit these days, which is good. good to keep busy. Don't worry too much about me though, i've been well cared for. Eric and Lusha have invited me over several times, even once to a family gathering where we had the most amazing food cooked by Eric's mom. and now that Eric and I have our Sunday lessons at his apartment, Lusha cooks a meal for us every Sunday afternoon. wonderful. Last Saturday I was invited out for coffee with a few of the Russian girls who teach English at ALM. it was a fun time.

so, i have been learning to wait. and wait. and wait. the waiting isn't so bad, it's the uncertainty of when the waiting will end. we have high hopes that tomorrow will be the day that we'll hear the good news that Sam's invitation letter is ready. prayers that, if answered in the affirmative, mean that if all goes well we just might be able to keep his RE-RE-booked flight as scheduled for October 1st, putting him home by the 2nd or 3rd. Sam has, as of now, missed 3 weeks of school. His group has completed their Infectious Diseases cycle and have begun Traumatology. When he comes, we hope he can join a different group which began a little later than his group, meaning he would only miss about one cycle if he comes home in the first few days of October. i know he is starting to worry about school and catching up on what he has missed. and so, we pray. and we wait.

and so, my life for the last month in bullet points:

* swinging back and forth between cooking fun new recipes to pass the time and eating weird combinations of whatever is left in the cabinets because i'm too lazy to go grocery shopping.
* a new student whom i teach 3 times a week and a new class i teach two nights a week.
* ALM has moved to a new office, a much nicer, newer facility with bigger, better classrooms.
* it's getting colder, and quickly! for example it's 45F (7C) right now and cloudy.
* baking banana oat muffins, and rusks
* weekly chapatti-making.
* watching BBC World online!!
* trying to watch football and being unable about 90% of the time for a variety of reasons.
* being unable to shake the image of the pedestrian lying in the street after she was struck and killed by a car near my house.
* cleaning and taking out the trash and doing ALL the housework stuff; and realizing that usually Sam does the lion's share of it.
* finding THIS CHAIR like new, discarded by one of my neighbors. threw the slipcover in the wash and it has now found a loving home in our living room.
* text messages from Sam at the most random times about the most random things.
ie: "You wouldn't believe the number of flies in the house i just walked into!" or "Just saw a man on a motorcycle carrying a pig."
* caring for our plants and so far being successful!
* struggling with consistency. in prayer. in the Word. and as always, with sin.
* thankful I have a Jesus who remembers that I am dust.
* being bummed about missing my best friend's baby shower
* loving DESKTOPNEXUS.COM. i could get lost on there for hours.
* listening to Owl City
* reading "Slaughterhouse Five"
* Ginger and Honey Roasted Pumpkin with Lentils and Feta over Penne. Yum.

you could add "thinking about Sam" in between every bullet point above and you'd have a fair estimation of my month.


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