Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Give Us Now Our Daily Bread 14/1/12 We eat bread. A LOT of bread. These little loaves are my breakfast with butter or jam or peanut butter or honey to accompany my tea.
Here, lunch is typically the biggest meal of the day. As Julina says, “lunch is to be eaten with a fork”. Standard lunch fare is rice and beans, maybe fish – dried or fried, or perhaps a little beef with a sauce, sometimes a salad of lettuce, tomatoes and onion. Lots of people eat porridge made from corn meal - known as 'pap' in Namibia – and here called pirão. ("pir" with a long ee like "peer", "ão" like the vowel in the word "ouch") But none of the kids staying here with Julina and Eduardo care for it, so they tend to eat rice the majority of the time. Then, back for a repeat performance....ta-da!
Yep, these little guys again with butter, or honey, or jam, or peanut butter, sidled up next to my tea. Which, brings me to the tea. Julina grows it. This tea is from a grassy bush. I have asked the name twice and still don't remember it. It looks like this:
It produces a light green tea and I also notice it has kind of a taste of ginger.
Parting Shot: “You Guessed It!”

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