Monday, April 09, 2012

Things You Can Buy While Sitting in Traffic in Luanda

You know how, in some in some big cities, there are people who walk in between the cars which are stopped in traffic or at a stoplight selling newspapers? Well, Luanda kicks that idea into overdrive. Just for fun, while we were sitting in traffic for hours inching along at a pace of only a handful of kms in half an hour, I took an inventory of some of the items you could buy from the comfort of your car while sitting in traffic. Here is my (by no means exhaustive) list: bottled water/juice/sodas, flash drives, sunglasses, Shower heads perfume/cologne, textbooks, rakes, machetes, bathroom scales, jeans, ties, windshield wipers, yogurt, pillows, dog leashes, boxes of tissues, ukuleles, jumper cables, remote controls, irons, clocks, toilet seats. Just to name a few!

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