Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How Time Flies

I remember a time when… I used re-sealable plastic bags only once, then threw them away. I could bought cheese without laying down ten bucks for 250 grams. potholes were mere inconvenient bumps in the road, not black holes that could swallow the whole front end of your vehicle. the majority of people in my town carried things in bags in their hands, not basins on their heads. a seemingly unending range of coffee always lined the shelves of pretty much any supermarket I entered; no need to buy three months worth in advance. Sam and I used to travel and return without our luggage filled with five tubes of toothpaste, three jars of peanut butter, various spices, new clothes, and any number of other items, often in duplicate or triplicate. I couldn’t look out my window and see mango and banana trees, and a mountain with Christo Rei on top. Driving to work didn’t involve dodging multiple stray dogs in the street. Mosquitos were only pests that made you itch, not things that can and do actually kill people on a daily basis. Football was called soccer. Going out for dinner didn’t cost at least $40, no matter where you went. There was electricity every day, all day and night long, and no one ever wondered at how absolutely marvelous that was.

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