Tuesday, December 04, 2012

A Visit to Grandma's House

A short while ago, Sam and I took the opportunity of a three-day weekend and took a trip to the Benguela/Lobito area to visit Sam's grandma and aunts. Benguela is a coastal town about a four hours' drive from here. It's also the province where Sam was born. We left early on Saturday morning and were in Benguela by lunchtime. We stopped at a little restaurant called "Tudo na Brasa" ("Everything on Coals") I wonder who chose that one? After lunch we headed to Sam's aunt's house where we would stay for the weekend. We spent the afternoon chatting with the relatives and adjusting to the HEAT! It's surprising how much warmer it gets when you leave the high altitude of Lubango. The weekend was laid-back, filled with leisurely afternoons of long talks, tea, and visiting. The main point of this trip was for me to meet grandma, and for us to spend a little time with her. Meet we did, and what a sweet little lady she is. She is in her mid-eighties. Sam's dad happened to be in town at the time we visited, so we had a chance to visit with him as well, and take some photos. Ok, a lot of photos.

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ambrosia said...

I love all of the head wraps! I wish they were as stylish here in CO. And you look great!