Friday, July 25, 2014


Here we go again.  Another adventure.  Another country.  Another language.  This time: Gabon.  So, here I am again - the prodigal blogger - coming back to writing.  I've realised that my blogging apparently seems to have a direct correlation to the amount of time it takes me to adjust to the new country, for things to stop seeming foreign/really different/interesting and for the place to become home, where, "that's just the way it is".  I suppose I process culture shock through writing.  Once I'm through it, my writing takes a dive. it any wonder that I blogged most consistently in Russia?  

So....Gabon!.  This will be my second move to a country I've never even visited before.  Sam was accepted to a surgical residency program there, and when we got the word where we'd be going, honestly, I had to check the map to see exactly where on the continent it was.  So not only have I never been there, but I really knew nothing about it, other than it's a French-speaking country.

Hard to believe, but we've been in Angola for more than two and a half years already.  So much has happened here; most notedly, the addition of this little lady:

We've made some GREAT friends.  Seen some beautiful places.  We've lived in 6 different houses.
It'll be hard to go.  But new adventures await - HERE.

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