Friday, August 05, 2005

the artist, God, said I will create...

i am in awe...








AmyLea said...

Now I know the first two were taken in South Dakota, but where did the others come from? Man I have never seen clouds like the ones in that first one... AMAZING.

Schmanda said...

#3 is an attic sunset from good old dayton, Ohio

#4 and #5 is the Namibian sky an early morning after it had rained slightly the night before

#6 i have to give props to Chad-O for that awesome one. it was taken at J-Creek while he was at youth camp. stinking amazing isn't it?

neil said...

amazing. beautiful. you were right! i hope, in the previous post, one more thing that makes you (maybe) smile is:

friend's weddings and OTR Christmas show in the same day ;)

AmyLea said...

wow, you are KIDDING ME. That's something I would see someone selling or something like that... I'll have to ask him if I can use it for a background for my computer. :-)