Thursday, August 04, 2005

the wild wild world of amanda

things that make me smile these days:

unexpected heart to hearts with rarely seen roomates
indian food leftovers
stifling hot and still climbing at the gym
friends' engagements
plans to visit my parents
text messages from africa
a rediscovered mix cd long left in amber's car
random questions every day
pretend hide and seek with lila in my livingroom
wedding cake blunders and eating the outcome for breakfast
the phrase "for reals" and totally made-up words like "marryable" and "upsetness"
flat-out Spirit-led WORSHIP during what we call practice


AmyLea said...

I'd have to say that the last one is my favorite...

J. Terry said...

Glad to see that visiting the parents made the list! ;-)

Kate McDonald said...

hello..this is SO random...i came across this blog while surfing through some friend's blogs...did you happen to be a RA at WSU in 1999 in Hickory HAll? You look like the RA i had anyway for the first part of the year and her name was Amanda and she was into music. My name was Kate Adelsberger then and the girl across the hall (Kyla..a cute blond with short hair) and i found out you (if you were are RA) was a Christian and we were thrilled! anyway..if you are her,i doubt you would remember me...but are you still in a band? what was the name? i remember it was from a verse...geesh! i wish i could think of it..anyway...would be fun if it was you!