Tuesday, January 24, 2006

january from my perspective

HPIM0153 (Small)

the Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood (aka the sight where Sam became famous. we're not sure why)

HPIM0200 (Small)

Nevsky at night (complete with furry Russian hats...yes, everyone really does wear them)

HPIM0205 (Small)

(Sam contemplating: "Can I walk on it yet?")

HPIM0261 (Small)

Veiw from the Hermitage window

HPIM0229 (Small)

(what we affectionately called, "The Fake Starbucks")

HPIM0165 (Small)

(I believe this is before I clobbered him at Dominos...for the third time)

HPIM0215 (Small)

The landing of the floor in the hostel where Sam lives (yes, I'm serious)

HPIM0216 (Small)

Sam's hall (or what I will forever be entitling, "Would You Want To Live Here For 6 Years?")

HPIM0305 (Small)

My new playground


The Heavens letting loose (yep, that's rain!)

HPIM0312 (Small)

Buddy disappearing into the riverbed (knee-deep and sinking fast)

more to come...


AmyLea said...

love it girl, thanks so much for sharing those!

ashira said...

we miss you! awesome pictures

samfabio said...

I can finally walk on water!