Sunday, January 08, 2006

quit russian around

day five of the Russia experience and i thought i'd give a quick recap to get you up to speed. here's the update so far...

bags stolen on wednesday: 2
hours spent on thursday at St. Petersburg police station trying to file a police report: 5
miles walked on Nevsky Prospekt on friday: 10
russian words added to my vocabulary: 12
different countries from which i have met people thus far: 11
children hugged during our time at the orphanage on saturday: 15
unexpected free meals provided so far: 2
times sam's skin color attracted enough attention to warrant schoolchildren asking him to pose for photographs: 4
inches of ice permanently plastered to the sidewalks in St. Petersburg: 2
days of winter i have left to experience: 3

from russia with love,


samfabio said...

i felt like a celebrity. cnacubo =)

ashira said...

I was actually in the office waiting to fill out a membership application to join Apex when the secretary mentioned to someone who I think was a pastor that all your bags had been stolen. As I went back out to the Cafe area to fill out the application I said I a prayer for. Hope all is well,
Evie Warner