Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Who's Your Daddy?

At the Bible study at OSS, we asked the question, "Are we all God's children?" And that one small question tipped off a heated debate for the next 15-20 minutes, wherein i don't think Buddy, Kendall or I got a word in edgewise. And that was perfectly fine with me. I was just overjoyed to see those students so engaged in the discussion. and they had great arguments too. At one point the discussion was so intense that debating in english just got too difficult to speak the words as vehemently and quickly as desired and it went completely Afrikaans on us. Elamarie was kind enough to translate for the those of us whose knowledge of Afrikaans still consists mainly of words from the picture book on long-term loan from Nikka. I was so happy to see them drawing on the Word of God and what they have learned so far in the study. absolutely awesome.

Ek es baie trots op hulle.


Jamie Murphy said...

OK...my faulty Afrikaans is showing now...what is trot op hulle? just wondering Jamie

I am so excited by what you share and the heart of it all...
can't wait to see you in June

Joel said...

cool stuff. Man...to see students at least giving it their best shot to work and think through stuff like that is so great.

I told Kendall and Josh about Nelda last night. I could see them kind of leave America and instantly go back to Namibia for a few minutes.