Friday, March 31, 2006

Martin's Baptism

We had a baptism at the MPMC (Multipurpose Ministry Center)! Sorry it's taken so long to post about it, as it happened a few weeks ago. Things have been quite busy around here.
Things you should know about the baptism:

Martin was one of the workers helping to build the MPMC

He was saved through the grace of God and God instrumentally using Gert and Mike in his life
His family attended the baptism

The blow-up pool we used gave way halfway through our prayer time beforehand and the wall of water that it let loose threatened to flood us out comepletely.

We hurried, held up the sides and pretty much decided, "lets dunk him quick!"

Martin played in the pool like a child; half-doggie paddling around the shallow pool before Gert baptised him

There were 3 different countried represented

Here are the pics:

Gert preparing to baptise Martin

HPIM0645 (Small)

Praying over Martin after baptism

HPIM0648 (Small)

Martin's Prayer

HPIM0647 (Small)

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samfabio said...

AWESOME! I didnt know that Martin accepted the Lord as his saviour. That is such good news!