Sunday, March 25, 2007

Matthew 28:19-20

Today was a blast. Maveja and Nelda were baptised at Von Bach Dam. With boats buzzing and people swimming in the background, 16 adults and 5 children sat along the shore, the sun beating down on us as we sang worship to God, listened to His Word - the Gospel - prayed together and celebrated with our two dear sisters as they took the big plunge. It was glorious.

What a beautiful thing to witness two lives proclaiming outwardly what God has already done inwardly, conquering fears, and bodly proclaiming to family, friends, and all that through Jesus they have died to their old lives and rejoice in their new life in Christ.

After the baptism we all came back to my place to celebrate together and share a very boere meal (as Sam says). We braaied boerewors, and ate broetchens and about 10 kilos of potato salad (thanks to Buddy and Julia).

It was seriously a great day.

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Joel said...

Amanda, this is so good. So so good. Joy is what I'm feeling.