Wednesday, June 06, 2007


God granted maveja's visa Tuesday! =) Many thanks to all of you for praying!

I think we're still both a little stunned that its actually going to happen. When she came out to the car after her interveiw (I sat in the car and prayed while she went in...she prayed the whole time she was in there too!) So when she came out, she totally pulled the, "nope" shaking her head and looking bummed, and I was like, "no?! what?!" and she said, "I got the same lady again." and she totally had me when she said that. Then she smiled really big and was like, "Just kidding dude, I got it!!" and I was totally in disbelief. I had to ask her twice, "really?" =) Yeah it was indeed a wonderful day. God is a really cool God.

What's funny is, I even kind of wondered if she might try to fool me if she did get her visa (because thats just the kind of person she is) and she still got me!

We are now going to book her flight and see if there is a place on the same flight so we can fly to the USA together. If not, she will be flying alone and its her first time ever, so please just pray that she would have no difficulties if she's going it alone. Thanks again so much!

Praise the Lord!

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praise the lord!!