Thursday, June 07, 2007

Godly Maturity

I went to Windhoek yesterday with Maveja and Christaan. We went to pick up Maveja’s visa and Christaan needed a ride to go meet up with a teacher of one of the classes he is taking for continuing education. One the way, Maveja and I shared the story of how God granted Maveja’s visa and then we all just got to talking about how good God is. Christaan shared this story, and I wanted to share it here, because it just demonstrates to me the humility and genuine faith that God has gifted Christaan with.

Christaan is taking continuing education classes for his teaching certificate and has had numerous assignments and tests keeping him busy in addition to all his regular work of teaching math at the secondary school and teaching the Word on Sunday since Buddy’s wedding. One such assignment Christaan had prepared on Buddy’s computer, but of course Buddys computer is possessed (a long story, but suffice it to say, its not always so reliable). So Christaan was unable to reclaim the file his assignment was in and the due date was upon him. When he went to his teacher, he told her his assignments were in the computer. She gave him an extension. Christaan went home and began to feel convicted by the Lord. He had lied. One of the assignments due was in the computer yes, but there were other assignments due that he had simply not finished on time. When he had talked to the teacher, her had led to her believe that all those due were in the computer. He knew he had lied.

He confessed his sin to God and to Buddy, and the Holy Spirit impressed upon him that he must confess to the teacher. He went to speak with the teacher and his heart was beating fast. He knew it would be a hard thing to tell her he had lied to her. She was busy and distracted while he was trying to tell her and finally he just said, “Please, can I please talk to you, because I really have something I need to tell you and its very hard for me.” She finally stopped and gave him her attention and he confessed to her, telling her that when he told her his assignments were in the computer one of them was, but the others, he simply had not completed on time. “I lied” he said. He said the teacher was surprised and looked as if she couldn’t believe he was admitting to her that he had lied when he had “gotten away with it”. She said, “You lied?” He admitted again, “Yes”.

“OK.” And She checked in his assignments.

Christaan said he expected that she would be angry, especially with how busy and distracted she had been before. But she wasn’t. Christaan gave thanks to God.

I shared this because I just see how much maturity God has given Christaan. How many of us have lied the same way he did and felt conviction and would not be brave enough to admit it to the person to whom we lied? God challenged him with righteousness, and Christaan responded with obedience. That is maturity - humility and obedience in the small tasks of life.

May his story challenge you in your day to day walk with God.

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