Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Back to Life

A long-lost hello from me here in the blogosphere…yes, I am still alive. So much has happened in the last month that it will be hard to catch up on everything, but I will a least give it a good shot.

For starters, my dear friends Amber and Josh Johnson spent a wonderful two weeks with me experiencing the place I have called home for the last year and half now. I enjoyed sharing Okahandja and the ministries with them, and introducing them to the people I have come to love, and whom they had only known in writing until crossing the big ocean and landing on Namibian shores. They joined me at the OSS bible study, Bible study with Nelda and Maveja, and they went along with Pete to experience the Care & Compassion ministry. We also took a few day trips, including Swakopmund for duneboarding and Okapuka to watch the lion feeding. Both were a great time. Maveja joined us to complete our foursome and so we had a blast.

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Jennifer said...

Wow I think I forgot how breathe taking my country is.I love the pics and girl your hair wow!!!!