Wednesday, February 13, 2008


got a job teaching english!

recieved "Christmas" packages from loved ones in the February (thanks to the Russian post)

second semester classes have begun for Sam

have become addicted to LOST. late i know, but its much better this way because now i have 3 whole seasons i can watch on my own time schedule. so much better this way than having to wait for the next show each week.

reading: "God Grew Tired of Us" John Bul Dau's memoir of his journey as one of the lost boys of Sudan. (i requested it, Amber kindly responded, and "pre-read" it for me...ha!)

learning: African geography at

enjoying the new "Inside Russia" series this month on BBC World - beginning with the "Russian Godfathers" documentaries.

the days are starting to get longer, hope that winter will end sometime!

we attended our first "couples" fellowship. Sam dreaded it and said it made him feel old. we also discovered we suck at the "how-well-do-you-know-your-spouse" game.

possible opportunity for an apartment...pray about this!

leave some comments...i'm wondering if anyone still reads this anymore! miss you guys. drop me a line here.


vinske said...

Hi Amanda!
I read your blog several times a week and I am enjoying your stories about life in Russia a lot! Please, keep writing those stories and posting your pictures!
We're doing fine here in Holland. 4 months ago we had our second boy: Thimo and he is an adorable baby.
Say hi to Sam!


Kendall said...

of course I read, Everyday!! I'm also praying for you. We had a great time in Namibia, so good to see the girls. Do you guys have any plans to come home?

ambrosia said...

schmookie muffin pumpkin poodle babycakes...

emma Williams said...

i read. thats awesome about the job.

theologyscholar said...

Dear Mandy,

Greetings from an old, old friend! I've been thinking about you recently, and went searching for you online. I found your blog and have been having a wonderful time catching up on your life. You're amazing...please keep writing!

Mel Ross