Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rocky Mountain High....Colorado

so amber told me that only posting a link to my photos from my blog is lame. but seeing as she totally stole the photos from my camera and posted most of the good ones already, it felt slightly repetitive. so for those of you who read both our blogs, sorry for the photos repetition. but i'm sure i will also post some different ones than she did. so here goes:

I was greeted at the Denver International Airport by the welcoming committee

Denver Airport Welcoming Committee

Amber and Amanda

Welcome to Colorado


Garden of the gods

Red Rocks, CO

Garden of the gods

Boulder Falls


Standley Lake

Flat Irons View Trail

Amber and I made a trip out to Colorado Springs to visit the "Garden of the gods"



Garden of the gods

Garden of the gods

Garden of the gods

The Siamese Twins

Me at Balancing Rock


The Siamese Twins

more to come...stay tuned!

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