Saturday, November 22, 2008

in no particular order...

things i have been thinking, wondering, pondering, or have seen, experienced or been surrounded by in the recent months.

* Does IKEA in America sell hot dogs for 50 cents? Because here, they do.
* We now have snow on the ground. I had to wear long johns today.
* Crab chips are awesome and Sam is not very happy if you eat the last of 'his' chips.
* We bought a wok and cooked stir fry in it yesterday. yum.
* I also found the most perfect (and so cute) one-cup french press to replace the one Matt gave me and I have used every day since then, even though it sustained a substantial crack on the initial journey to Russia.
* I am working 7 days a week now. It's a little overwhelming, but the money sure helps, especially since I wasn't working for 3 weeks when I was in the States.
* By God's grace we have paid Sam's first semester tuition. THANK YOU: Chuck and Carol, Karin Magnussen, Lititz C.O.B. Builder's Class, Chris from Lancaster General Hospital, Gary and Terry Schmidt, Mom and Dad Fabiano, Mom and Dad Zeiders! and thanks to those who have been praying for us and please continue praying for Sam's tuition fee ($3,000) for next semester.
* I had an amazing time in the States, (although I missed Sam a lot!) but I felt like a VIP the way I was totally spoiled by my family and Amber and Josh.
* We finally have a second door for our apartment. Sam sanded and painted the inner door yesterday.
* Russia doesn't seem as unfriendly as it used to. Does that mean I have adjusted?
* I was totally able to give people directions today. Yay, me. Even with my very limited Russian skills.
* I am savoring the Pumpkin Spice coffee that Reenie and Eileen bought for me. SO VERY YUMMY!
* Also savoring my Celestial Seasonings Tea from the tea factory in good old Boulder, CO. Morrocan Pomegranate Red, Red Safari Spice, Bluberry Green Tea, Sleepytime, and Sugarplum Spice.
* Books I have enjoyed in the last month: "Kite Runner", "The Shack", "Never Suck a Dead Man's Hand" I'd recommend them to anyone. Although, you'll need a strong stomach and sense of humor for the last one.
* My next great read will be "Long Walk to Freedom" by Nelson Mandela
* Sam once woke me in the morning with a kiss and a cup of hot coffee brought to me in bed. That was just about my favorite morning ever.
* This story has been sticking around in my head all week: Bone Marrow "cures HIV patient"
* I am really enjoying my new Zen V
* I've been enjoying the memories of Victoria Falls, and our walk along the edge, aching to go back at the Zambezi's low season to do this!

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