Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Addendum to My Taxi Tribute 16/1/12 Something I neglected to mention...there are additional options when it comes to taxi-ing in Lubango. One of them I was party to experiencing this morning....motorcycle taxis! Today we went o CEML for the first time. The location is pretty far on the outside edge of town and up the mountain on the way towards Christo Rei. From where we're currently staying, the trip there involves two typical taxis (as described above) – one from our side of town to the other, and a second one from there further up the mountain. Where the second taxi leaves you off is still a few kilometers from the hospital, so you either hoof it or climb on board one of the waiting motorcycle taxis. On a warm sunny day, breezing along on a motorcycle might be downright picturesque. This morning, however, was cold and RAINING. Motorcycle + Rain = very wet knees and head. Thankfully, the driver blocks the brunt of the deluge to your trunk, but still, not an experience I am looking forward to repeating. So, until that warm sunny day ride appears, the jury is still out on the motorcycle taxi. Parting Shot: “Moto-Taxi”

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