Tuesday, April 19, 2005

countdown to joshua tree

climbing j tree

more climbs!

joshua tree

oh so excited! can you believe this stuff?!? my backpack is waiting in my entryway filled with granola, fruit leather, pistachios, my nalgene, some clothes, climbing gear, the Word of God and journal and some aditonal good reading. oh the freedom of packing light. i cannot wait to get going. my flight leaves at 11:45am tomorrow morning, and i'll meet up with amber and josh in LA. next week expect me to post our very own climbing pics. here's to returning tan!


neil said...

i'm so jealous. gah how i wish i was going... take lots of pictures and we'll photoshop me in ;) kinda like mike at oneday '03. but i'll see you when you next week if the Lord doesn't come back before then (oh how i wait).

G-CUBE said...

have a safe trip

Star*light said...

Fandangtastic Schmanda!

Hope you enjoyed the trip and as for your next trip (if you're not off somewhere else before then, which is quite likely actually), I'm ready and waiting for your trip to my wee green isle in June- I got your itinerary and its all good! For some reason, I decided to reply here rather than via email- God knows why! (if He tells you, pass it on!)