Wednesday, April 06, 2005

the world of who-knows-what

taking a cue from my friend, Jody, i have no deep ponderings to share at present and so i've decided to share some little known facts about the world and life of Schmanda.

1. i like peanut butter and pickle sandwiches
2. as a teenager when i couldn't recall the word for wool, i once referred to it as "sheepy stuff". (my family will never let me live that one down)
3. nicknames i have had at one time or another: manda, mervin, smanda, boner (don't ask), mandanda, schmanda
4. for me, my love of donuts is more of a frame of mind than an actual love for the fried pastries.
5. i've read the book "Where the Red Fern Grows" at least 20 times. i read it for the first time in 3rd grade. it still makes me cry and it's still one of my favorites.
6. i have been to and spent time in 26 of the states plus D.C. and Puerto Rico. in addition to the US i have also visited 11 countries and will be adding two this summer. =)
7. i really enjoy puddle jumping on warm rainy summer evenings
8. some of my favorite words: ominous, luminescent, clandestine
9. i memorized the first four chapters of Ephesians. i wish it was still as solidy memorized, but now it's mainly sporadic at best.
10. in the fourth grade, stinky todd had a crush on me. yes, the only boy i recall ever having a crush on me was referred to as "stinky todd". you get the picture. just my luck, huh?
11. i type really fast. i only use two fingers on each hand to do so. if i try to type correctly i'm really slow.
12. i could live on a diet of chips and salsa, french fries, and broccoli. (and i practically do. is that bad??)
13. in jr. high i broke both thumbs at the same time while incorrectly setting a volleyball in gym class. i was on the basketball team at the time and had to play with two thumb splints. i looked like an idiot.
14. some of my favorite bands in high school: James, They Might Be Giants, Pearl Jam, GreenDay, Supertones, FIF
15. growing up, i had a pet parakeet who comitted suicide. an apparent drowning.
16. i really like folding clean laundry.
17. i have eaten kangaroo. it was very good.
18. my middle name is Lauren
19. one of my jobs as a teenager: i worked at the PA Rennaisance Faire as a "drench-a-wench", at the very aptly named dunking booth.
20. my favorite thing to say in french is, "le petit dejuner est compris, n'est pas?" meaning "breakfast is included, right?"

so there you go. random useless factoids about me. have any little known gems about yourself? feel free to share!


Star*light said...

Uw-ar, matey, wow is me!
Not even a mention of living on a ship with the one you call "MY IRISH PIRATE" then, eh? Hmm, who is this one eyed wench that you speak of in such endearing piratic terms? (note: new word) I'll give you a half a point for including your new found love of clothes folding, as I'm sure your journey aboard the oldest active ocean going mouthful of a phrased passenger vessel might have further convinced you of your fondness for folding freshness. As for the hair, in the pic- short!.. but equally.. sweet!
Now... as you we're matey!

ps- the brekkie is not included- cheek of you presume Madame!

neil said...

i don't like mustard or broccoli. i do like coming home on tuesday, though!

Philio said...

amanda - check out