Friday, April 29, 2005

I need words...

an excerpt from my written chronicles:

i'm infatuated with travel. it has seduced me and i am smitten. i love everything about it...the airports-the sitting and waiting, watching wearied starangers - some scurrying, others ambling along laden with beatnik rugged packs or upscale briefcases. i adore my passive nook where i perch now, cross-legged, listening to my travel companion, Damien, as he croons in my ears - the melodies mixing with periodic flight departure announcements and intermittent terrorist paranoia. what a feeling to play the guessing game of "where has she been? where is he headed?" and the joy of airport coffee - caffiene and sugar mixed with anticipation and culture. mmmmm. there's something beautifully simple about throwing the bare necessities in a pack and stepping out into the world - ready for anything. home is wherever i am. for the I AM is my home and He is always near. sandals. blank film - aching to be etched with sunsets and rock, desert and sky. blank pages yet to be written. well-traveled kahkis, and an ID and passport that no longer resemble me...

onward adventure!

pics from the adventure...


022_23A 006_4A


008_9A 007_6 009_8

012_10A_0001 011_12

018_17 001_00A 007_6A 007_8


I need words as wide as the sky
I need a language large as this longing inside
I need a voice that's bigger than mine
I need a song to sing You that I've yet to find
I need You
I need You
I need You
To be here now
To be here now
To hear me now


AmyLea said...

Wow, Amanda...those pictures are AMAZING! I love to travel as well. Man if I could do that for my job, I would be one happy camper.... ever since I was little I've loved it. Man you guys got some GREAT pictures...happy you're home. :-)

neil said...

so i was looking at the pictures on your website and saw: "neil's tattoo...(cough)shamelessly flexing(cough)" what's that about? ;) i really dig that picture of josh standing on the edge of something large.. standing here so close to You, we could be consumed. sorry, random dc breakout.

Scott said...

Hey, thanks for your comment. I've heard a lot about you from Kristi. I hope I get to meet you sometime.

Star*light said...

About this travel bug.. has anyone found a cream or ointment for such a overwhelming desire? I itch all over, especially since reading your post Lady A. Love the photos and still in awe of THE haircut! breeze feel nice on your neck these days? Especially when up the side of a cliff? Fare play!

Beauty4Ashes274 said...

about that whole travel thing. i would have to agree.
amazing pictures.

emma said...

lovely indeed. i'd love to see anymore you have. i have plenty for you to see if you'd like. it makes me chuckle that were hours from each other, and across the nation at the same time. i think i've infact been that very place you were. but not this time. this time was grande though. see you soon. ahhhiloveyou.

chad o said...

clean hippy? aren't you like a witch or something?