Wednesday, May 18, 2005

random tuesday night caffiene and conversation

good coffee.
great friend.
challenging conversation.

a terriffic trio. thanks, K.

a cool spring evening was the perfect setting for a long-overdue roomie chat. the sun began its decent and slowly fell into night as Kristi and i perched on our stools overlooking the brick-hewn streets of the Oregon District. sipping hot cappucinos we gazed through the glass of the Fifth Street fishbowl as college kids giggled and flirted at their street-side tables, and "tighty-whitey" man peddled by on his bike. (technically, they were red, not white, but i digress, and kristi still gets points for "best-fitting nickname of a stranger") conversation flowed as easily as the coffee was poured, and i'm reminded of countless evenings at Barnes and Noble, discussing the Word and dreaming up decor for the house i was sure someday to buy and of course we'd be roomates. hey, come on...the other half of my brain, right? or the infamous canada road trip with PB&J from the backseat and gas station threats that have now become so comical. or random times at gloria's house painting the fence, taking summer walks and visiting AJ, or making collages upstairs.

and again, God demonstrates that sisters in Christ never have far to walk back toward one another, even when the distance and time seems to have flown by. love you girl.



Kristi said...

AZ...what a welcome evening it truely was...a breath of fresh air as sweet as the spring breezes that walked with us down the sidewalk last night. Thanks.

love ya, too!

AmyLea said...

I'm so glad you had so much fun with Kristi. Yeah, I have a looong overdue roomie hangout as well that I need to have happen....