Friday, May 06, 2005

to those who understand the phrase, "Hummer it."



Challenges for prayer - Pray for a fresh movement of the Holy Spirit. Although the Faeroes have complete freedom of religion and the majority claim Christianity, they are part of a largely nominal state Lutheran Church. Pray that God would make the Faeroes worshippers in Spirit and in Truth, not merely in name only. Also, Christian growth is hampered by a lack of trained, godly, leaders, and secularization.

*the Doulos had recently left the Faeroes when i began my time onboard. it was a highlight for many of the ship's company. everyone told me how beautiful this place is. and most of the fish we ate onboard came from their time in the Faeroes, as fishing is the country's major industry. there are several Faeroese believers who made a decision join the ship's company following the Doulos' visit to their country.

things that are making me smile today:

emails from the Swede who's melting in the hottest parts of the world
bear threats: "Gimmie all your food!"
becoming more aware of prayer
emma williams
home-cooked breakfasts by similar-souled friends
one more day till the weekend!
my mom and dad


AmyLea said...

Yay, Amanda. Thanks for putting those up here. Mike took his book back, so I think I"m going to have to get one...but thanks for the temporary help! :-)

ambrosia said...

el schmanda...spanish for the schmanda!!
Gimmie all your food!!! ROOAAR. (gun in hand).
and they were all FREakin out.