Sunday, April 02, 2006

Swakopmund Getaway Day

There's been so much ministry and so much to write about, that I've been overwhelmed with how to write about it all. so for now, all you get is some more pics from my recent day trip, and i will be working on good overveiw of the what God has been doing here. get ready, because there's a bunch of things! it is so good. God is so good!

After such a nasty "roadtrip gone bad" Jennie and I were both pleasantly surprised by a call from friends inviting us to spend the day in Swakopmund with them. It was a great day, and I am so thankful to the Lord for such a gift.

What I like to call "The Vortex Dune"
HPIM0799 (Small)

Jennie and I trying to be brave enough to go near the Vortex
HPIM0802 (Small)

HPIM0798 (Small)

People climbing the dunes in Swakopmund
HPIM0794 (Small)

Ripples in the sand near the coast
HPIM0778 (Small)

Sand and scrub near the coastline
HPIM0777 (Small)

The remains of what looks like it a fromer bridge and the dunes in the background
HPIM0775 (Small)

Swakop from the end of the pier
HPIM0791 (Small)

Waves pounding the rocks
HPIM0790 (Small)

Sunset as seen from "The Tug" restaraunt (an old tug boat- turned fine dining establishment)
HPIM0808 (Small)

(the duneboarding pictures are yet to come! i've got to get them from someone else's camera)


chad o said...

aw, shmanda pants!!! you're doing such a great job of updating and keeping us posted with this site. you are truly living a great adventure. thank you for continuing to share. miss you like crazy...yet rejoicing in your good work the Lord has given you to do.

...thoughts and prayers...

neil said...

that's an amazing set of pictures - i'm glad you're keeping in touch and staying encouraged in the Lord! you've got a huge family that loves you back here...

michael said...

great pictures, friend! I can't wait to be there again.

Mama B. said...

Beautiful as always...miss you guys and all the kids. Keep up Gods work..great Aroma coming out of Africa-2 corn.2:14-15
Mama B.