Friday, July 28, 2006

Is it Come???

HPIM1554 (Small)

The kids from Location continue to come to my house everyday to ask, “Is it come today?” Which translates into, “Can we come and play?” I have to set boundaries because otherwise all I would do is be the play house everyday. I have narrowed it down to Thursday at 3pm when they meet here and we walk to Kids Club, and Friday afternoons when they can come play while I bake cookies for Friday night’s coffeebar. Last Friday two of the older girls helped with the baking and thoroughly enjoyed rolling the dough into little balls, and putting them on the cookie sheet. They were surprised to see how big the cookies were when they came out of the oven.

Here are the girls in the kitchen playing with the magnetic poetry while we wait for the cookies to bake.

HPIM1615 (Small)

While the girls helped me bake, some of the boys were putting puzzles together in the living room.

HPIM1616 (Small)

What a grace from God it is to have a house to open up to people!

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