Friday, July 28, 2006

Manicure Namibian style?

Saw this the other day while Buddy and I were having Bible study at the Woodcarver's market and I just could help but take this picture.

HPIM1545 (Small)


Anders In Chile said...

Amanda, I didn't think I could comment on your blog. I am still not sure I can. But, I love this picture too. How grown up of one to take care of the other and for the other to see the need to let one take care of her. (Did you follow?) I am following you on you journey. Your blog is a blessing.

Anders In Chile said...

Amanda, it worked!!!

Vida said...

wow.. coolest blog ever.. glad I came about it..

courtney said...

hey hun! I got a blog so I can comment back and forth with you and a few others not on xanga.
Love you!