Friday, July 28, 2006


Shaddy just might be my favorite little kid in Nau-Aib. Even though he sometimes shows up on my front step at 7:00 am if I have inadvertantly left my front gate unlocked. It's hard to so no to him though, with his quiet personality and his inquisitive looks. And who could resist a kid who so cheerfully says, "Amanda, good morning!" even if it's 5:00 at night. (I just don't have the heart to tell him 5:00pm isn't morning!)

Shaddy and I having tea on my front step one morning:

HPIM1608 (Small)

Playing his new favorite game, Memory:

HPIM1606a (Small)

Every time he gets a pair that matches he runs to me with them in his hand and says, "Amanda, I win!" I always smile and say, "Good job!" So now when he plays Memory with a friend they each run eagerly to me to show me their pairs and smile delightedly when I say "Good job!" I even hear them say "Good job!" to each other. Shaddy also loves come to me with two cards turned over and have me guess what is on the card. If I get it right, he always exclaims, "Good job!" to me and runs back to get more. The best part is when he has two cards overturned wanting me to guess what's on the card, but before I can guess he whispers to me what it is, and when i guess guessed it - "Good job!" he says. The game never gets old.

With some friends:

HPIM1622 (Small)

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Jamie Murphy said...

Thanks for continuing to tell the story...I am so blessed by you, and heart of Him as you dwell richly in this land...oh, and I love the pictures ;)