Monday, March 24, 2008


things i'm finding enjoyment in these days:

teaching and getting to know my students
Sunday night Hebrews Bible study with Pooja, Gracewin, Amadu, Sam and myself
working out with Deepthi
Sam not studying as much this semester
thinking about finding an apartment and hopefully moving next month!
emails from Amber and living vicariously through their summer plans

a few things i've read or heard this week that i find share-worthy:

something a visiting pastor at All Nations Church said that just struck me as truth: "Our children are our investment into a future we ourselves cannot enter."

From the movie "Starter for 10" (which is only ok) but there was this good line that stayed with me: "The people who really care about you don't mind if you make a mistake. It's what you do next that matters."

From an email A sent today. it gave me a great start to my day and it seriously makes me smile when i think about how awesome it is that i know someone so creative and talented in many ways, but specifically as a writer and more importantly as a friend. this just cracked me up and still makes me laugh when i re-read it: "Let's definitely set up a gtalk time. Just let me get through the week and I'll have my people talk with your people. Only my people will be wearing jeans and sandals and your people will be wearing fur hats."

i realized that i've talked a little about the church sam and i are going to, and i've talked more about the fellowship group we're a part of, but never have given much info on either. well, there is a website for All Nations Christian Church and at the site there is info of SFC (the fellowship groups) as well. i actually just looked at the site for the first time today. its a nice little site with a small photo gallery and info about the church and events, history of how it started, etc. so if you're interested you can give it a look. the site is pretty new but is well put-together. and in fact it was designed by Manyo from Nigeria. (my friend Deepthi's fiance') i don't agree with every point of their statement of faith, most specifically numbers 14 and 16 of the points listed there, but this is the church God has placed us in and we have been given good opportunities with individual believers from ANCC in pouring over the Word, to have good discussion on these points. it's funny, but as you look at the photos on the website you might start to think that St. Petersburg isn't nearly as white and mono-cultural as you thought...but really, when you walk on the street it is...i think probably 90% of all the african's, indians and other people of color in this city go to church there! but it does at least make me a feel a little bit like i'm back in Namibia when i'm at church and my white face is in the minority again.

happy belated Easter to those of you in most parts of the world. we here in Russia don't get Easter till later. crazy orthodox calendar...

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