Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pool halls and tacos

Sam and I enjoyed a busy day on Saturday. We got together with some of Sam's groupmates to go bowling. it turns out there's this really nice new bowling alley inside a huge new mall at сенная площадь, which is just a few metro stops from here. (inside you forget that your'e in Russia!) We got there and got our bowling shoes only to discover that their computer was down and they told us that it should be fixed in 5 mins. so we waited about 10 mins. and then asked again, to be told that it would take an hour. We waited another 20 mins to only then be told that the technician was coming in about an hour and then who knows how long it will take to fix it...? Needless to say we turned in our shoes and took plan B. We saw that there was a pool hall there, so we went there and played pool for the next 2 hours. There were 5 of us - 3 guys and 2 gals - so we got two tables so 4 of us could play at a time. I have to say that the ladies triumphed. We each played one of the guys for 2 or 3 games and both kept winning, so we finally decided to play each other. That was a fun game. I won the first game, then Lola won the next game because I scratched on the 8 ball. Lola and her boyfriend who came with us are actually not Sam's groupmates, but friends of one of sam's groupmates. they both go to this medical school, but are in the Russian-medium course, whereas Sam and his group are in the English-medium. After our pool-playing afternoon, Olli-Pekka (Sam's groupmate from Finland) invited us back to his place to make tacos. Sam was torn because the Manchester United game was going to be on tv, but we persuaded him when Ollie Pekka told him he could also watch the game at his place AND get free food. so we all went to the grocery store and got the taco supplies and ice cream for dessert. (O.P. showed us a store that actually carried taco spices and shells...salsa too! there's only one kind and its kind of expensive, but good to know when we are craving Mexican food!) Back at Ollie Pekka's we ate and watched the Man U. game (unfortunately they lost!) then another of Sam's groupmates came over and we had ice cream and coffee. by the time we were finished it was 7:00 and Sam and I needed to leave to go get groceries for the week. After shopping we got home around 9:00. it was a long day, but quite a lot of fun too. We're hoping that soon, maybe next week, we can go back and actually be able to bowl this time.

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