Saturday, March 01, 2008

Men's Day

In Russia February 23rd is a holiday called, Men's Day. Every year the ladies in the fellowship group do something for the guys and give gifts to them for Men's Day. This year, we made a personalised mug for each of the men in our group. Each mug included pictures or phrases that reminded us of him. Here is Sam's mug.


ksholli1979 said...

did you paint the mug or did you use markers of some kind? just curious because it is a great gift idea!:)

Schmanda said...

we actually did both. the black outlines are permanent marker (although we should have used a ceramic marker because the permanent marker begins to fade/scratch off if the mug is used and washed a lot). The colored parts of the mug were done with ceramic paint. Just paint, and then put the mug in the oven (or microwave like we did) and they are dishwasher safe!